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Small Estate Affidavit*


A small estate affidavit may be filed if the fair market value of the estate is $275,000 or less,


A. Not more than $75,000 of the fair market value of the estate is from personal property,


B. Not more than $200,000 of the fair market value of the estate is from real property. 

Document Preparation Fee: $250.00

Additional Costs:

  • Oregon Circuit Court filing fees according to the circuit court published fee schedule. 


  • Service Fee's

* The definition excerpts provided above come directly from the Oregon State Bar web site. It is important to realize that changes may occur in this area of law.


This information is not intended to be legal advice regarding your particular needs or problem, and is not intended to replace the work of an attorney. We are not attorneys and we do not offer nor do we provide legal advice. Should you require legal advice, you should contact an attorney or the Oregon State Bar Association's Lawyer referral Service at (503) 684-3763.

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